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By Dawn Kipping and Glenda Chisholm



Bonnie Doon’s first game was held at Mansfield in 1885. Play commenced at 4pm owing to a misunderstanding among the Mansfield players who were Dolling, Walace, Brown, Mathieson, Keirnan, Jeffrey, Wolf, Mackrall, Martin, Donaldson, Woolbridge, Almond, Maxwell, Arbuthnott.  The game ended in a draw.


Bonnie Doon Football Club formed with President J.Wolf (sec), P.A. Wolf (treas). Team Colours were blue jersey and red stockings and they were to compete for the Mansfield Cup against Mt Battery and Tolmie Clubs.  They also played in 1893, 1894, 1896. In 1898 the Bonnie Doon and Maindample Clubs amalgamated, and they called THE COMBINED ROVERS

P.A. Wolf (President),  J.P. Cummins (secretary), C Jury (Treasurer)


Mansfield District Football Association formed the Mansfield, Bonnie Doon, Jamieson and the trappers. Bonnie Doon won the premiership trophy and were premiers.


Bonnie Doon supporters were in full force. A lady drives her buggy onto the ground but for a self- possessed gentleman complained there could have been a catastrophe.  The umpire threatened to have one player escorted off the ground for foul language by the man in blue


Bonnie Doon played a Mansfield

game the ladies were in strong force hooligans went onto the ground and it was not until Constables Martin gently stroked several of them with a lump of tree that they left the ground.


Bonnie Doon and Merton joined forces and joined the Mansfield/Swanpool District Football Association teams being where Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Maindample, Swanpool and Delatite Association


Bonnie Doon defeated Mansfield in the Grand Final in Mansfield and Swanpool Football Association.


Mansfield Football Association formed with Bonnie Doon, Mt Battery, Delatite, Merton, Mansfield and Yarck


Mansfield, Sawmill District Football Association reformed with Mansfield, Swanpool, Mt Battery and Bonnie Doon


Mansfield and Alexandra District Football Association formed with eight teams they included; Bonnie Doon, Marysville, Thornton, Yarck, Alexandra, Mansfield Delatite and Mt Battery


Bonnie Doon joined Euroa District Football Association. With Euroa, Miepoll, Strathbogie and Longwood. As Longwood were unable to field a team, they withdraw.


After the war ended, Yea, Alexandra Association was formed, and Bonnie Doon played in the seconds with Mansfield, Swanpool and Tatong.


Upper Goulburn League was formed with nine teams; Mansfield, Delatite, Bonnie Doon, Yea, Alexandra, Merton, Thornton, Acheron Valley and Marysville.


Maroondah Highway Football League formed with clubs from Mansfield, Alexandra, Yarck, Merton and Bonnie Doon


Bonnie Doon played Hume Highway Football League with teams from Tallarook, Longwood, Strathbogie, St Marys, Yarck and Goulburn United


Waranga - North East League (2nds) teams: Bonnie Doon, Alexandra, Seymour, Yea, Eurora, Broadford, Thornton and Mansfield


Best and Fairest went to W J Lockhart

Bonnie Doon Premiers


Bonnie Doon Premiers


Bonnie Doon Premiers


Waranga-North East League (2nds) teams: Broadford, Avenel, Thornton, Mansfield, Yea, Euroa, Alexandra, Seymour, Bonnie Doon and Strathbogie.  Willian (NED) Lockhart from Bonnie Doon received Best and Fairest award for Waranga-North East seconds VX111’s


Bonnie Doon won the Grand Final by defeating Seymour Seconds.


Bonnie Doon joined Benalla and District Football League.

Goorambat defeated Bonnie Doon


Grand Final:  Bonnie Doon defeated All Blacks


Bonnie Doon played Thornton/Eildon twice this season and has not been able to the beat the shinboners.  First game ended in disaster when we lost Darren Barry and Geoff Lockhart at half time and Marcus Faulton during the third quarter.


Grand Final:  All Blacks defeated Bonnie Doon


G Johnson and R Bainbridge won the Best and Fairest


 Bonnie Doon Juniors joined Alexandra District League the younger player had an up and down season buy enjoyed their games.

1984 Premiers vs 1994 Reserve Team

On Saturday 13th August, some of the ‘OLD BOYS’ from the 1984 premiership side made a magnanimous return to the field and came out victors on the day against Doon’s present seconds team. The ‘Boys’ came into the field with gusto and after winning the toss (much disputed) they started the game kicking downhill-to their advantage. Second quarter the ‘Old Boys” found the up hill run a bit tough and the ‘Young Brigade” were starting to run away from the,

Half time the mostly toothless team were signs of pressure but a quick nip of steam (for medicinal purposes only) saw them return to fight on for another half – quite a few disputed marks occurred according to the opposition players but the ‘oldies’ battles through and came out winners (all hoping the siren would sound a lit earlier than it did)

The umpire Mick Grimes was of high standard-opinion for some only!. Final score ‘Old Boys: 10.8.68 Seconds 7.10.522.

In my opinion all the “oldies’ were B.O.G, and award were given after the match.


Seth (Stud) Trenfield, Paul (Digger) Franklin, Alby (Plugger) Lockhart, Mick (Big Mick) Lockhart, Geoff (Fonzie) Lockhart, Steve (Weasel) Cooksey, Peter (Swinz) Swinzer, Craig (Pugden) Nichols, Eric (Knuckles) Notley, Darren (Fu-man-chu) Bell, Phillip (Parrot) Heath, Terry (Boss) Dale, Ken (Dicko) Dickson, Ken (Boxhead) Howes, Norm (Panda) Peers, (later hospitalised for his efforts)


A great fun game with thanks to the opposition side and very well supported by players and supporters.  Special thanks to the ‘water-boys’ and the ‘can-carriers’ without whose help they would never made it to the end.

Bonnie Doon Netball Club

The 1993 football season saw the introduction of netball to the Benalla and District Football League.  Each league club fielded one side.  Lesley Howes and Kerry Taranto assisted in the formation of the Netball Club in Bonnie Doon. One side completed each week with 20 girls keen to play.

Results and Awards


Bonnie Doon lost to Devenish in Semi-Final.

Best & Fairest: Debbie Brown (also Runner-up in League Best & Fairest)


Bonnie Doon lost to Tatong in Preliminary Final.

Best & Fairest: Barbara Stevenson


B Reserve Team introduced.  A Grade lost to Tatong in Preliminary Final

Iris Hill Runner Up in League Best and Fairest

Therese Stein League Goal Shooting

B Grade played a thrilling Grand Final against Swanpool and won the clubs first Netball Premiership in the last minute of the match. 39 goals to 38 goals.

Team:  Laura Walsh (Captain), Leonie Hill (Vice-Captain), Sharon Lockhart, Danni Hutchins, Emma Lockhart, Breanna Cameron, Louise Clarke, Mary Ann Panozzo, Lesley Howes & Cathy Cooper.

Coach: Iris Hill

Leonie Hill:  League Goal Shooting

B Reserves lost to Tatong in the Preliminary Final

Jayme Hamilton League Best and Fairest. Peta Martin Runner-Up. Bree Howes League Goal Shooting.

Best and Fairest A Grade:  Iris Hill.  Goal Shotting, Therese Stein – 555

Best and Fairest B Grade: Mary Ann Panozzo, Goal Shooting, Leonie Hill – 329

Best and Fairest B Reserve: Peta Martin. Goal Shooting, Bree Howes – 45



League changed from B Reserve to C Grade

Leonie Hill played 100 games for Bonnie Doon. The first to achieve this in the league with player from Tatong

Best and Fairest A Grade:  Rachelle Michelini. Goal Shooting, Jenny Arnold

Best and Fairest B Grade: Leonie Hill. Goal Shooting, Louise Clarke

Best and Fairest C Grade: Kate Marshall. Goal Shooting-79


Leonie Hill presented with a life membership of the Bonnie Doon Football/Netball Club, the first netballer to achieve this honour.  Leonie commenced playing in 1993 and continues to do so. Ten Years later she has played 143 games

Best and Fairest A Grade:  Stacey Parker & Hollie Fraser. Goal Shooting, Hollie Fraser

Best and Fairest B Grade: Danni Hutchins. Goal Shooting, Sommer Vennells

Best and Fairest C Grade: Lucy Lindsay. Goal Shooting, Courtney Scanlon


 2006 Committee

Terry Dale, Joy Hill, Roy Friday, Billy Lines, Chris Mitchell, Alister Wheeler, Ken Dickson, Dawn Kipping, Stuart Fox, Alan Fox, Glenda Chisholm, Brooke O’Neil, Lynda Langlands and all the coaches, player and netballers coming together as a club there would not be Bonnie Doon Club.

For over 100 years Bonnie Doon has been a family club where all are welcome to come and play.




We have Backman, forwards, centres and wings

Who in their day do incredible things

Plus, ruckmen, rovers, interchanges and more

All play their hearts out, to advance Doon’s score


Our coach is called Sethy, but we named him ‘The Chook’

If you’re off your game, by Christ he goes crook

Both he and Alby are in charge of our training

It’s a really tough program, with not too many complaining


Our recruiting this year was like a royal flush

We started with Williams and finished with plush

And at the start of the season, just as handy,

Gerrans’s, Notley and Kennedy, and finally young Andy

Yes, all of these at little or no cost

Lindsay Maddison to boot and finally Jack Frost


Now what about Rosco, who owns all of those dogs

And Robbie Stevenson, was has muscles like logs

To Bruce McInnes, whose real name I wombat

He just loves to run and join in the combat

And our mountain man Heatley, answers to Emu or Crinkle

Loves birds, beers and fun, with the occasional twinkle.

We have some brothers of course in Howards and Gio

Plus Redda and Mick whose being wooed by Cleo

Tony Storer we know, is simply called Jacko

And is postie mate Parrot has got to be whacko

Big Daley is back and he’s the boss-hog

Whilst Melbas returned , now does he hate the grog


Old Mumbles Purcell and his brother Beau

Got a ton of kicks, you should see them go

From Merrijig to Doon, they run to practice

When they hit the track, they’re bloody near cactus


Ans what about our trio, from the club call Ashburton

All mean and tough of that we are certain

Yes, its Robbie, Brendan and Bomber Franky

They leave opponents bewildered, ball-less and cranky


Now into the ruck, slips the big frame of Payne

Gets off the ground like a bloody great crane

With fist to the ball, he punches it clear

Raising applause from Lambsy, standing quite near


Stick to us one, stick to us all

The whole Doon side is on the ball

We’ll win all out matches with one clean sweep

And take the premiership flag – it’ll be ours to keep

This report doesn’t purport to be the full history of the difficulty of early century research, the doubt of what would be organised competition etc it is a reasonable attempt to produce something fort the 100 years + centenary


Special thanks to the following people:

Steve & Pat Arbuthnot, Margaret Forest, Dawn & Graeme Friday, Norma & Roy Friday, Bernadette Franklin and the Lockhart Family

Life Members

The J Arbuthnot Memorial

Premierships to date

Netball and Football Teams 

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